"I am running for my second term as Manteca City Council to continue bringing new ideas and a fresh, common sense perspective to City Hall.  As a husband, father and local businessman, I will bring new energy and a unique vision to city government. I will be an advocate for small businesses and residents who deserve a voice in Manteca's future."



Manteca is a growing and changing community. The City Council needs to grow and change to

reflect our increasing diversity. As a young father and husband, I will be a voice for those who

currently are unrepresented in City Hall. As a small business owner, I will also bring new ideas and

a fresh, common sense perspective to our government. In order for our community to reach its full

potential, every Manteca resident must feel that they have a voice.


As a small businessman, I understand the important role that local family-wage jobs play

in creating a vibrant, successful community.  By attracting good jobs to Manteca, our residents can

work where they live allowing for more time to be spent with family and friends and putting

more money back into the local businesses.  The city should work to establish a local hire

ordinance to put Manteca residents back to work.


City leaders are accountable to the residents of Manteca, and they have a duty and responsibility

to involve and educate the public about issues that affect them.  As your Councilmember, I

will work to ensure the community feels welcome and listened to at City Hall and

improve communication, accountability and transparency.  Our city can truly prosper when all of

our residents work together.


Public safety is government’s top priority.  While Manteca’s crime problem is lower than most cities

in San Joaquin County, it is still too high.  As your Councilmember, I will work to put more police on

the street and ensure every neighborhood is safe.  In order for Manteca to maintain and preserve

its small town appeal and special quality of life, the city must address issues of homelessness,

gangs and drug activity so that all residents feel protected.