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As a long-term resident of Manteca, Gary has held Manteca close to his heart. Born to a diligent

small business owner and raised in Manteca, Gary has strived for the advancement of the town he

holds dear. The values instilled in him through his upbringing reflect honesty, hard work and

service to his community. His dedication and commitment to enhancing our local community

brought him to the forefront of the people’s issues! Gary embodies ambition and has the relentless

ability to maintain so many roles including the bond that holds his family and community together.

As a son, husband, father, brother, realtor and businessman, he has an uncanny ability to unify all

his roles striving to succeed in addition to building up those around him while continuing to hold

strong to his core family values and ethics.

Growing up in Manteca, Gary graduated from Sierra High School and became the first of his family

to go to college. While attending the University of the Pacific, Gary exhibited dedication graduating

with a degree in Business Administration in 2004. From a young age, Gary has had first-hand

experience on how to run a successful business and he continues managing the family business

alongside his father to this day.

Gary’s loyalty to “The Family City” is fashioned by his tenacity in real estate for over 18 years.  Today, Gary continues his career as a broker associate with Roland Group and remains involved as a member of the local Rotary, Manteca Historical Society, Chamber of Commerce, and Central Valley Association of Realtors (CVAR). Gary proceeds to extend his devotion to the community by investing within Manteca. 


In 2014, Gary Singh was appointed to the City Planning Commission.

With the success of his first term and second terms as councilman, Gary has proven that he is committed to serving the residents of Manteca. Gary's focus is on innovative leadership with fresh ideas for Manteca's future, Going Green, business development, and capturing new businesses. As Mayor, he would bring a collaborative, consensus building approach to the council in order to move things forward efficiently.

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