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September 08, 2020

Singh & how ‘cleaning house’ is saving money, getting better street solutions

Platitudes might win elections but they don’t fix streets.

Gary Singh gets that.

It is why the biggest road project in terms of impacts on all Manteca residents — and arguably that of many others the in San Joaquin-Stanislaus counties area — may end up being even bigger impact at least 10 years ahead of schedule.

September 08, 2020

GARY SINGH-During his four years city added 12 officers, balanced budgets, projects moving forward

Airport Way is a mess.

But the solution the city had been pursuing for years would not only be expensive and not happen for years to come but it would make matters worse by bringing truck traffic from proposed business parks with upwards of 5 million square feet down Airport Way to reach the 120 Bypass.

August 07, 2020


It was the worst day in Gary Singh’s life. The 23-year-old was being led out of his family business in handcuffs — as was his father Sucha “Sam” — both surrounded by 10 federal agents and other law enforcement officers with handguns on display at their waists.

May 21, 2020

Singh: Move Manteca Library to Orchard Valley & repurpose existing space as community center

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